The Forgotten Point God

Rondo is a severely underrated point guard. I believe he is a Hall of Famer and after reading this article, you will believe this too.

Rondo fakes out Mo Williams and LeBron James, creating an easy bucket for Tony Allen. The year 2010 will always be a difficult time to reflect on for Cavs fans.

Before his impressive performance in the 2018 playoffs, Rajon Rondo was definitely a forgotten player in this league. And that’s completely understandable due to the fact that the league has completely evolved into a offensively-driven, pace-and-space game. As a result, basketball fans shifted their focus from a traditional point guard like Rondo to the new, trendy point guards like Steph Curry and Damian Lillard.

It’s funny because as much as I and many other basketball fans like seeing a guard like Curry pull up and hit 35-footers or Lillard make defenders look foolish as he does a hesitation-dribble combo, with a step-back and quickly rises, hitting a tough contested three-pointer, I love watching Rondo pick apart defenses with his pinpoint passing, slashing ability and instinctiveness.

So why is Rondo a “forgotten” point god? Well, avid basketball fans may know this but the general basketball fans who aren’t “woke” and only see the NBA for what it is now don’t realize that Rondo revolutionized the game as well. During his all-star years from 2009-2013, Rondo (only at the height of 6’1″) set the trend for point guards to record triple-doubles and dominate the game without a reliable jumpshot. Not only did Rondo prove he could be productive but he also was exciting to watch by incorporating playground moves to the NBA stage. His famous fake behind-the-back move fooled countless players and captivated millions of fans.

Despite being plagued by injury, with every team Rondo has competed on, he has been productive. With the exception of his rookie season, Rondo has never averaged less than 5.1 assists per game. And for all those in love with “Playoff Rondo” here’s some food for thought: Rondo is 4th all-time in most triple doubles recorded in the playoffs with 10 which is tied with Larry Bird (

And in the 2018 playoffs, Rondo averaged a career-best 12.2 assists ( Just when people count Rondo out, he reassures people how great he is. Currently, Rondo is an unrestricted free agent and will be apart of this summer’s blockbuster free agency starring big stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Chris Paul, Demarcus Cousins, etc. I have no doubt that if a team wants to win, they will not hesitate to pick up Rondo.

Author: Phillip Grant

Mass Comm Major, Accounting Minor

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