Review: NBA 2K17 MyCareer Game Mode

NBA 2K is one of the most successful basketball video game producers in the world. NBA 2K17 was released in September 2016. One of the game’s most highly-touted features is known as MyCareer.

MyCareer is a game mode where gamers create their own NBA player and experience the life as an NBA player (virtually of course!).

I am here to judge the good, bad, and ugly of the game mode by bullet pointing some first-hand impressions that I’ve experienced in this year’s mode thus far.

Since I consider myself an optimist, I’ll start off with the bad and then end with the good.

The Bad:

  • Glitches- Sometimes when equipping my player with a new jumpshot or dribble move, it fails to do that action which makes me furious. However, the good thing is that 2K developers insert updates, also known as patches, to prevent miniature problems that make a big difference like this one.
  • Patches- NBA 2K17 has been out for a couple months now and there’s already been 6 patches implemented into the game! The staggering amount patches just signifies how flawed the game has been so far. And, just because these patches fix issues doesn’t mean that it makes the game better. In my opinion, the recent patch that 2K developers put into the game made the game a lot slower!
  • Archetypes- Players who are created can be identified only as one of the following: play-makers, shot creators, sharpshooters, defensive specialists, glass cleaners, or athletic finisher. In my opinion, this system is flawed because it only allows players to be good in one particular area which, technically, makes our player a “role player.” Speaking for most 2K players, we want to be multi-skilled and be “superstars” like LeBron James or Damien Lillard.


The Good:

  • Story Mode- The story that 2K17 brings to the table, compared to last year, is a lot more enjoyable to play. This year’s game mode brought famous actor Michael B. Jordan (known as Justice Young in the game) to form a dynamic duo with my created player. Also a unique feat in the story is a beat reporter follows my player.
  • New Features- In MyCareer, the dynamic duo between Young and my player form, what is called, “Orange Juice.” Orange Juice is activated when both players perform 4 successful plays with each other; the Orange Juice effect then allows the gamer to not only control their player but also Young as well. This feature is very vital to gameplay and prevents it from being repetitive.


Overall, this game mode has its hiccups but this game mode is phenomenal and I find myself playing it for hours on end at a time.


Author: Phillip Grant

Mass Comm Major, Accounting Minor

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